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Updated: 2017-03-01

Scraping content

Scraping content is often perfectly fine, but it’s important that you add value. Some people believe that increasing the number of pages on their site is a good strategy regardless of the relevance or uniqueness of the content. But if you really want to improve your SEO, then scrape with purpose, add value to the content you scrape, make it unique and make sure it’s relevant.

Some examples of scraping that’s frowned upon includes

  • Websites that copy and republish content from other websites without adding any original content or value
  • Websites that copy content, modify it slightly (e.g. using automated tools to substitute synonyms) and republish it
  • Websites dedicated to embedding content such as images and videos from other websites without adding substantial value to the user

Although it’s completely legal to scrape content (moreover, a website’s user agreement prohibiting such activity is not enforceable), please keep in mind that carelessly using scraped content can easily result in copyright infringement.