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Updated: 2017-10-11 is my first webapp built with vue.js. I built this website because I often find the need to transfer text from one device to another, and I couldn’t find a good solution that didn’t involve installing some software. is built with complete separation of the client (vue.js) and the server (Go).

The client is hosted on Github Pages, with SSL obtained via Cloudflare. This also provides DDOS protection and makes it possible to handle any imaginable amount of traffic - at zero cost.

The server is hosted on Scaleway and is accessible through the subdomain The server (Go) code is of phenomenal quality. To prevent abuse and provide a better user experience, different API endpoints will have different ratelimits. I also pay attention to small details, e.g. for the generated URL’s, I avoid using characters that are difficult to differentiate (such as Il1). If you’re interested in achieving something similar, then you can check out my Go package that I use to generate random strings.