Local Datastore Emulator with Docker

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Updated: August 13, 2018

Run the following command to have your Datastore emulator run in a Docker container

$ docker run -h gdatastore -p 8000:8000 google/cloud-sdk gcloud beta emulators datastore start --project=my-datastore-emulator --host-port gdatastore:8000 --no-store-on-disk

Note that my-datastore-emulator is your project ID, so you may want to change it. You may also opt to change ports if they’re in conflict with other applications, and similarly you may also remove the --no-store-on-disk option if you wish to have data persisted on disk.

From your host machine run the following command:

$ ip addr show docker0

This will reveal the IP address you can use to access the Datastore emulator. In my case it was

Finally you need to set the datastore system environment variables, e.g.:

$ set DATASTORE_DATASET my-datastore-emulator
$ set DATASTORE_PROJECT_ID my-datastore-emulator

You should now be able to use the Docker emulator with whichever Datastore package you’re using (e.g. cloud.google.com/go/datastore), for which it should be enough to provide the Project ID (in our case it’s my-datastore-emulator).

If you’re still having trouble then feel free to open an issue at this repo.