Installing Go on Ubuntu 16.04

How to install and setup Go on Ubuntu.

Setting up Docker for Go

How to quickly setup Docker to be used with Go.

Installing Memcached on Ubuntu 16.04

How to install and setup Memcached on Ubuntu.

Input validation in Go

How to minimize potential security risks involved in any application that allows user input.

Splitting files using Linux command line

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Redirecting GitHub Pages to HTTPS with CloudfLare

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Export a PostgreSQL table to JSON

Simple commands to export a PostgreSQL table to JSON using psql.

Give user permission to root file

Simple commands that can be used to give current user permission to a root file.

Useful Docker commands

A list and description of what I would consider the most important Docker commands.

Running Datastore emulator on Docker

How to setup local Datastore emulator with Docker.

Understanding pointers in Go

An easy to understand introduction to pointers and how they work in Go.