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Updated: 2017-10-10


Hi, I’m Maike, I build great experiences.

I’m a senior backend developer from Denmark, currently living in Thailand. For now, the website will primarily focus on helping fellow developers, as well as recommend my favorite movies. I may write higher quality content in the future, but I have to priotirize, and most of my free-time goes to the development of my personal projects.

I have preivously developed several websites, including the New York Times Featured hadonejob.com, as well as the image and video sharing website imgasm.com (currently undergoing a complete rewrite in Go - you can see part of the source code here). I have also built an open source URL shortener, orz.gg (source code here), and a YouTube video to MP3 downloader, youtube-dlmp3.com (currently taken down to avoid any legal issues, but source code is available here).

Several of the websites above are very old and does a poor job at representing my technical abilities. However, my latest website, note.delivery, is built with extremely high code quality and tells a lot about my style. The server (Go) and client (vuejs) code has been completely separated. This is ideal for a number of reasons, to name a few, it encourages writing great API’s, it makes it easier to scale and push updates with no downtime, it can reduce costs (e.g. the frontend is hosted for free). I also pay great attention to detail, for instance, for the shortened URL’s I only use characters that can easily be differentiated (i.e. no Il1), and I allow visitors to make multiple identical notes but add a rate limit of 1 new note per second to reduce the chance a user unintentionally create multiple identical notes.

I also have a GitLab profile that I believe fellow Go developers may find valuable as I host my open source Go packages there.

If you’re looking for a talented full stack developer to help you build your own website, then check out my hire me page for more information.

Thanks for visiting the website, I hope the content will be useful :)